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Abandon Shit!

Confession: Super Mon cannot get into Another Bullshit Night in Suck City. I keep trying! And, it’s not that it’s not interesting– I even like the prose-y style. It’s just DEPRESSING as all hell. I am not usually the type of reader who requires an upbeat story, or even an upbeat ending, but I am not feeling it for some reason. I read all these great reviews on it, we had a belabored, yet democratic, voting process, and it fits in our non-fiction category. But, every time I pick it up, I think about reading or doing something else. I don’t really want to analyze myself to death on this. We all know, as readers, if you’re not feeling it, it’s not going to happen.

I have options to offer: 1) You all go ahead and read the book and I will clean my bathtub as punishment and you will convince me that I should reconsider it with your praise of the book and astute observations about my general malaise. 2): Abandon all hope. Is anyone else in favor of abandoning this book for our Decmeber 5 meeting? If so, how many of you are with me? As a fall back, we could bring one book that we really, really love, and or a book that made us laugh to the meeting and talk about it.?!! (sheepishly shrugging shoulders)

I would be so relieved if you agreed with my betrayal–I am just not into this book right now!


Another Fun Night at Mon & Steve’s


Hello Hotties,

So, you all know about the potluck on Satruday at the home of Steve and Moi, yes? If not, email for the deets.  I think I successfully recruited a new MALE hottie!  My dear friend Matt! Hi Matt! Now, I have known Matt for years and years. In fact, I’ve known Matt longer than I’ve known Steve.  Whoa! Anyway, Matt wants to join our literary pursuit as the 3rd male hottie and as long as he brings food to the potlucks, he’s in. He may not be able to make this upcoming potluck but, he’s definitely in for later. Yay!

I got my Nick Flynn book from Amazon today. OK. So, does everyone feel like a kid at Christmas when they get a box from Amazon, or is it just me? I mean, I know it’s coming. I ordered it for pete’s sake. But, there is something so great about getting stuff in the mail that is not a bill! It’s something happy, like a book! Steve, who is the awesomest, always leaves the box for me to open if he gets it first because he knows.  However, today, he called me and told me it was there and like the two nerds we are he opened it while I was on the phone and read off the titles of the books. It was a little pornographic.

Lately, I never seem to order just one book, either. I have to get 4 or 5. So add the glee at getting an Amazon box + 4 or 5 books each time (book club recommendations)=potential problem. But, not one I am ready to deal with yet. We’re wallet poor, but book rich. Uh huh.

Anyway, I ordered:

David Gilmour’s, The Film Club

Michael Chabon’s, Maps and Legends

Flynn’s book

Nick Hornby’s, Housekeeping Vs. The Dirt

And Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire DVD (I didn’t have this one and it was only $6)

This is a very boy-centered list, which is slightly unusual for me. I’m sure I will make up for it soon. I’ve got a lot of ladies on my reading list too, especially–

The Lacuna by Barbra Kingsolver (which I hope we can read in BC4H)!

The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

Anyway, as The Kid says, “let’s not get carried away, Mom.”

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