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Hot Reads!

The Hotties around these parts have impressive Summer reading lists ! I sent an email around asking for titles of books they’re planning to read, or books they recommend, and they came through with flying colors. You know why? Reading is hot! That’s why. I put my list in there too. Right now, I am on book #10 of the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries (True Blood) and they are PERFECT for Summer. I realized that I was kind of a literature snooty pants, which is not conducive to the Hottie Creed of open-mindedness and egalitarianism for all, and I am also kind of anti-vampire genre. But I do love Sookie and her little Southern fairy self. And, the vampires are FOXY, unlike the vamps and their disgusting white goo (seriously)  in The Strain. In general, I have two issues with these books. One) I don’t care about the werewolves of Shreveport, and I wish they would go away and leave Sookie alone, and two) they are super fast reads, and I basically read the 10 books in the series since May and now there aren’t any more. 😦

In any case, find out what some of the hotties are planning on reading between now and September after the jump (we’ll save the recommendations for another day):


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