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Hotties Hit It! No Bull, Just Chabon!

Reading is Hot! And, you are hot! And, Friday night we have a hot date at my house to talk Michael Chabon’s Maps & Legends (which feels like it’s been in the hopper FOREVER!). I had to go back and re-read some of it as I was done so very long ago. Who wants to be the discussion leader on this? I say, not me. Please RSVP to for Friday’s potluck and book discussion.  So, you all got the email, I’m assuming?  Andria (who gave Books 4 Hotties a New Look! Yay! Pretty!) and I are going to lead the discussion since no one volunteered. Hello? (…crickets chirping…) OK, then.

Each person is responsible for 1) picking a book for an assigned month/genre and 2) leading the discussion of that book the next month. We just want to see how this goes since we got off track in December and January and there are so many books and people have so many interests, that it seems like a good way for everyone to get a selection read and discussed.



Happy Solstice Hot Shots!

Happy First Day of Winter, Hotties!

It’s come to light that Jan. 10 doesn’t work for everyone to meet…so, we’re trying for January 16. Please, if you haven’t, let me know if that works for you. If we can meet at 1 at the Museum, that would be grand–then we will talk art, and look at art and generally have a great time. We should be having some new hot shot readers joining us, but who knows?  It’s a hard time of year to get people into book club. I also think we should get back to thinking about what books we want to be reading in the future. I have my list going, but as noted in book club, not everyone wants to read the same things. So, send your future ideas onward!

And, don’t stop commenting. We’re book nerds. We’re supposed to be talking about books on here!!!

Happy Winter and Happy Reading!!!

It’s Too Darn Hot

Hell, aka the Fiery Abyss

Hell, aka the Fiery Abyss

Hi Hotties,

I hope you’re all psyched to come to Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday Nov. 1! I know I am! I made reservations for 10 under Book Club For Hotties (The reservationist was quite happy to hear the name of our little group)  for 6pm on Sunday. As you may have heard from the last email convo, Hell’s Kitchen has happy hour ALL DAY on Sundays. YAY!There are  8 confirmed attendees, but we’ll just leave some open seats in memorium to all the hotties who can’t be there.


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