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November is National Novel Writing Month

Hello Hot Stuffs!

Happy November 1! November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. I think it’s a great project for we motivated Hotties! Get out your pens, or dust off your keyboards and sit down and write! EVERY DAY!  Last year, I told myself I would do this this year, and I almost forgot, except I thoughtfully put it on my calendar. Here’s to planning ahead! Woot!

The NaNoWriMo website is SLOW to crawling today to timing out all together, which seems very promising. Maybe there will spring forth a plethora of new novels from this very cool project. Anyway, if any of you hotties have a novel just waiting to come out, you should start writing and we’ll share our stories next month!

Andrea King Collier at She Writes has a list for how she’s getting started.   She starts by telling her agent, and by not telling her family. Both of those things sound nice, but I don’t have an agent, and I already told my family. They seemed OK with it, but it’s only the 1st day, and I haven’t locked myself away to write yet, so we’ll see. Collier is blogging her experience too, so it’s a double whammy of NaBloWriMo and NaNoWriMo together! Which I will do here as well!

I like her idea of using her camera and shooting video as she goes. She discusses it as potentially being a “multimedia failure” but I am all for that idea. She also made a basic plan of how her month of writing would go. I think this is wise. Especially if you’re like me and LOVE the grand ideas, but sometimes end up getting sabotaged by reality.

Here’s my steps to success ( I only have 9–I’m a little odd):

1) Write.

2) Write about something new. Not half-finished and left to rot in my hard drive, but new.

3) Take pictures or shoot video to inspire me.

4) Find a partner real quick to write with. (Any takers?)

5) Block time on my calendar every day for writing.

6) Create a massive soundtrack of all my favorite music to listen to while writing.

7) Share my progress with you. (Yikes! and double yikes!)

8) ignore, or at least put off, the compulsion to edit.

9) Create a private space to write in.


Day 1: The Beginning

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