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Books 4 Hotties is Back!

Hotties hold on to your hats! Books 4 Hotties is back! Newer, better, prettier, and of course, hotter, than ever before. It turns out we all still really like books, and talking about books, and eating whilst talking about books. And some of us also like drawing and painting and taking pictures too, and other creative pursuits. See? Smart, Creative, and Hot!

I sent out an email asking peeps if they want to resume book club and received THUNDEROUS replies of “Yes!” and “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!” And, “I can’t meet then, but I can then.” So, without further adieu: we’re resuming. But, with some differences!

It is my vision to make B4Hs more visual and crafty. What does this mean exactly? Well, we can read literature, sure, but wouldn’t it be awesome to get in touch with our arty sides and read books that are visual or about making art? And, then get inspired and make stuff like a visual journal? So, we shall go on photo shoots,¬† visit¬† museums, lectures, plays, places that are interesting, or new. We will learn about other artists, and make stuff.

WHAT? you say? Not me! I don’t draw and paint! Psshaw, I say to that. The blank page or canvas can be intimidating, for sure, and that’s where the books we’ll pick come in to gently guide us away from the savage beast of the inner critic. Also, you don’t really need to draw and paint, you can write and doodle, take pictures, sew, whatever you get inspired to do. The point is to do it, and to support each other, and create and strengthen the community of super hotties that you are!

Book 4 Hotties 2010-11 will being with reading

An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory

An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers by Danny Gregory

Our first assignment is to begin reading this book, and to start a visual journal and bring it along to our meeting which will be the weekend of November 19. If you feel at a loss about what kind of things to create, or not sure what to do, just bring your blank book and some pens or paint and see what happens!

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