Because reading is hot.

I had an interview at some point this year in which the interviewer, potential boss, asked me if I had any personal blogs or sites that I maintained. Did I lie and say “no” like a reasonable person? No. No. I did not. I said “er, yes. I have a photo blog and a book blog.” Ears perked up, posture corrected, pen ready to write: “Book Blog? What’s it called?” Did I come to my senses and say something like, “Books that I like and other things?” No, I, apparently am incapable of lying and said, “um, booksforhotties?” in a questioning, hushed tone. He repeated it, laughed, and wrote it down on his already 25 page dossier he had going on me. This was one of those epic interviews that went on for 2 hours. I tried to breeze back into normal interview talk about my web skills, etc., but I do believe I’ve revealed this hardly-updated blog to a potential employer. So, um, hi Scott! What books do you like?

In other news: HAI! I haven’t updated since MARCH! That’s a long time. But, I actually love this blog and books and writing and talking about books so I couldn’t bring myself to delete it. I’m way behind on reading too. I’ve been reading more lately, but I went through a whole long period where I wasn’t doing much, but looking at the internets. I HEART Etsy, and making Treasury Lists, and I am waiting impatiently for my invitation to Pinterest! SO, as always, what are you reading? What do you recommend?

I finished Wildwood by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis not very long ago. Which I liked, and so did The Kid. Adventure, talking animals, bad queens, and bandits, what’s not to like?

And, I just finished Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan (of The Strain fame), but to be honest I wasn’t into it. It’s all about jacked up Boston boys who rob banks and when one of them decides to leave the neighborhood and his friends to start a new life with a person he so happened to kidnap in a bank robbery, things start to fall apart. I read the whole thing, but I just didn’t love it. It was fantastically written in parts, especially from the point of view of the protagonist, but the female characters were so cliche: the absent mother, the whore, the victim, the saintly teacher. Barf.

So, come back hotties! Tell me what you’re up to!


Comments on: "In Which I Reveal Us To The World!" (2)

  1. I took care of you on the Pinterest front. Happy pinning!

  2. Thanks! Awesome! And, what are you reading?

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