Because reading is hot.

I Love The Library!

How’s the writing and the reading going, Hotties? I am writing away for my NoNaWriMo project, but I am feeling behind already and destined to not hit the 50,000 word mark. I’m behind mostly because I am so distracted with all the other stuff I want to read and watch that doesn’t involve me sitting down at a computer. A great wave of homebodied-ness has seized me since we turned the clocks back and mostly all I want to do is read under a blanket or watch movies. Under a blanket.

Not helping with need to retreat to under the blanket is an email from my local library saying that I currently have 18 items on the hold shelf, ready to be picked up. Whoo Hoo! It’s like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one! 18 items at once is a lot, even for me! I LUF The Library! Don’t you?  Some of these items are not for me. Some are for The Kid, or for Wolverine. We use only one card in our library-loving family (usually) because we tend to check out A LOT of items (see above) and having them all in one place, on one list, is easier to keep track of . On the list are things like: The Thing (for Wolverine), Indiana Jones Lego Wii game (for The Kid), and The 39 Steps (for me). Additionally, The Big Ass Book of Home Decor,  an audio book of The Hobbit,  and more.

I am the tracker and keeper of all information that my family needs: appointments, dr. office numbers, lists, calendars, passwords, pins– you name it.  Take for instance, The Kid. He had a library card before we moved. However, he doesn’t have an email, so when his book became overdue, I had no way of knowing (since all information must flow to me through the interwebs). And, The Kid isn’t very likely to remember the due date, or where he put the book he checked out, for that matter.

I think I love the library and the internet so much for the same reason. Excess of information. I tend to be addicted to information overload. Libraries and the internet are perfect for my addiction! And, it’s especially awesome that you can access the library ON THE INTERNET!! Did you know this? Go there right now, with your library card (make sure you pay your fine) and request something. You will receive a happy email that says, “Your hold of Come Let Us Be Merry: Traditional Christmas Songs from Scotland and Ireland is available for pick-up!” And you will go there and get it, and you will be so happy!


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