Because reading is hot.

Photo by Asha S.

Wolverine, my husband, is a collector. He collects weirdos, records, books, stray puppies, yarn, Star Wars figures, doo dads, paints, tennis shoes, and old man pants, to name a few. He has a very interesting and arresting collection of pulp fiction and weird books about UFOs, not to mention books on dissecting dogs! His collection,  this picture by Asha, and a question from Stephanie got me inspired to create  an activity for you!

Take a picture of the strangest, oddest, prettiest, ugliest, or in poorest shape book cover you have and email it to me  in low resolution, jpeg form at I will post them all and we can have a contest on which one is our favorite. This is open to everyone, the worldwide!!!! So, tell your friends.


Comments on: "Weirdos, Malcontents, Roald Dahl, and Me" (4)

  1. supermon said:

    Oops, Stephanie’s link has been to The Mega Site of Bible Studies all day, instead of to her blog. It is now fixed. If you knew Stephanie, you would know that this is particularly hysterical. Sorry, friend!

  2. I plan on searching my books tonight! 🙂 Until then, enjoy some funny comic book covers

  3. Sooooooo…. did you get many pictures? If so… when can I see? 😉

    • Super Mon said:

      Mine, yours and Andria’s. But I will post. Getting a bit behind in my blogging intentions…

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