Because reading is hot.

Hotties, the Internet is a worrisome place, in which anything you post and write and link to can basically be found FOREVER and used against you. But,  Don’t Worry!!!! I won’t tell a soul if you confess right here, under your hottie aliases,  if there are authors or books you actively avoid, and kind of feel guilty about. Inquiring hotties want to know.

Big hint to one of my particular avoidance’s, above. Old Papa Hemingway.

April 10 is our next book discussion, so go out and read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, immediately.


Comments on: "Hotties, Are You Avoiding A Certain Book or Author?" (8)

  1. Toni Morrison–I think I actively avoid anything Oprah Winfrey slaps her damn stickers on (thank god I found Gabriel García Márquez before she did).

  2. supermon said:

    I also might be avoiding a certain local and very famous author with the last name of Erdrich, on no grounds whatsoever.

  3. I can’t think of any one author that I am actively avoiding… Or maybe I just don’t feel guilty enough to remember any. 🙂

  4. Hold up! I thought of one… J.K. Rowling. Just didn’t get on the whole Harry Potter wagon… And can’t get into it now

  5. Wolverine said:

    Thomas Wolfe for me.

  6. Wolverine said:

    And, Ayn Rand! I’m afraid of her.

  7. I avoided Hemingway for 4 years of an English Lit degree. Then, one summer I picked up the Sun Also Rises. I fell in love. That summer I read every single one of his books. Even his gigantor non-fiction epic about bull fighting.

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