Because reading is hot.

Well, the way it looks, The Hotties will be in full force at the next meeting. There will be good eats, and good book discussions.  March 13. See your email for details. If any of you hotties who are reading along but haven’t been to a meeting feel like showing up, come on down. Heck, if you haven’t read anything in a year, we’d love to have you too.  The more the merrier!

God, don’t books make you happy? I mean, real, honest to goodness books, not this K*ndle B.S. I know some of us may be married to a K*indle convert (cough, Irene, cough), but I know I don’t want my books in some tiny little new-fangled gadget! I want paper, bound, with a cover, and the smell, and the typeface!

Let me assure you there are times, primarily when I have to move them, that I’ve wished that we didn’t have to many effing books to lug back and forth over the country side.  But, then I unpack them and they are like my little friends. Besides Wolverine has been known to use a $10 or a $20 as a bookmark now and then (why? who knows?) but it’s like winning the lottery when you find a book that has money in it. Double awesome!  I see them resting gently together on their shelves, and I know that I will be lugging them around until I die.


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