Because reading is hot.

Reading is Hot! And, you are hot! And, Friday night we have a hot date at my house to talk Michael Chabon’s Maps & Legends (which feels like it’s been in the hopper FOREVER!). I had to go back and re-read some of it as I was done so very long ago. Who wants to be the discussion leader on this? I say, not me. Please RSVP to for Friday’s potluck and book discussion.  So, you all got the email, I’m assuming?  Andria (who gave Books 4 Hotties a New Look! Yay! Pretty!) and I are going to lead the discussion since no one volunteered. Hello? (…crickets chirping…) OK, then.

Each person is responsible for 1) picking a book for an assigned month/genre and 2) leading the discussion of that book the next month. We just want to see how this goes since we got off track in December and January and there are so many books and people have so many interests, that it seems like a good way for everyone to get a selection read and discussed.

The Reading Schedule!

Jan: Non-Fiction on literature/Maps and Legends–Discussion Leader: Andria and Monica
Feb: Historical Fiction/The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society–Discussion Leader: Monica
March: Mystery/Suspense/The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo–Discussion Leader: Monica (although if someone else wants to do this so I am not doing three months in a row,
that would be great)
April: Children’s Literature (Title TBA) — Discussion Leader: Andria
May: Non-Fiction (Title TBA)–Discussion Leader: Amy
June: Science Fiction (Title TBA)–Discussion Leader: Rosie
July: Graphic Novel (Title TBA)–Discussion Leader: Steve
August: Young Adult Fiction (Title TBA) Discussion Leader: Heather
September: Non-fiction/Travel/ Dangerous Emotions by Alphonso Lingis–Discussion Leader: Michelle
October: Horror/Scariness (Title TBA) Discussion leaders: Steve and Andria
November: Classic Lit (Title TBA) –Discussion Leader: Irene
December: Historical Biography (Title TBA) Discussion Leader: Elizabeth
Jan. 2011: Romantic Fiction (Title TBA) Discussion Leader: Cyndi (new hottie)
Feb. 2011: Historical Non-Fiction/ Native Son by Richard Wright–Discussion Leader: Michelle
March 2011: Historical Fiction (Title TBA)–Discussion Leader: Andria

If you want a genre/book picked that I didn’t name, let me know. Also, tell me if you have a title in mind for the genres we’ve assigned. If you want to do a book that’s not in the genre we’ve assigned, please, please, please DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE–just tell me and we’ll change it. This is a book club, we’re supposed to be having fun! If you want to trade months with someone, just give a shout. If there is a month/genre that would be better for you, give a shout, if you really, really, really want us to read a certain book, do not be afraid, and give a shout!

Andria (who gave the blarg a  NEW AND IMPROVED GORGEOUS LOOK OF HOTNESS) had a BRILLIANT IDEA: Not all the discussion leaders have to do this, but those of us who want to, it would be great to do reviews (for the blog) of  books that are complimentary to what we’re reading. And, we will have a second online discussion of those books! Some of us want to read more than one book per month, and some can only squeeze in one book per month, so if we do an online chat version, we’re all happy!  Most likely, the complimentary book will have to be one you’ve already read, which is a good way for us to find out more about books we can add to our gigantic To-Read lists!

Keep putting your book suggestions in the comments! We may not get to all the books (in fact, we won’t), but we want to know what you’re reading and what you want us to read.


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  1. Hi folks! Minneapolis has instituted a parking rule which says: you many only park on the ODD side of the (non-snow emergency) street until April. That means you have to park on the side of the street my house is on, or you could get a ticket/tow–which would be BAD!
    See you tonight!

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