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Hello Hot Shots!

I am sad to report that no one could make the January meeting. But, in other news, Steve and I saw Whip It finally over the weekend. It made me want to start a roller skating club with y’all and come up with bad-ass skater names for everyone like Ellen Page’s Babe Ruthless. Don’t worry, I talked myself out of the skating part real quick–but, I am all for the nicknames. Submit your own in the comments or be prepared to be named against your will.The movie did make me think about book/food club and how I don’t want to see Books 4 Hotties come to an end just yet. And, from your emails I gather you don’t either.

We were on the sidelines a bit, but now we have a new playbook and we’re ready to roll! (Ha! I will stop with the roller derby references, but only if you want me to…)

Let’s get down to business! We’re dashing the previous plan and rules and coming up with a short-term plan instead.

1: Thanks to Andria for her review of Burton on Burton— it’s awesome! More reviews are requested and welcome. The more the better, even if they’re short. You can send them to me and I will post them.

2: We’re meeting on Friday,  Feb. 12 at 7 at my house to discuss Chabon. We can meet earlier, like 6:30ish if you need to, but 7 gives me enough time to get home from the day job, etc. Please bring food to share and Chabon’s book Maps and Legends. We will have some book club type questions to go along with our discussion.

3: Our book for February is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Schaffer and Annie Barrows. It’s a great book (so I am told) and read by a lot of book clubs. After conferring a bit with my colleagues, it’s come to our attention that the endless voting and hashing it out isn’t working. Not that I always want to be a dictator, but for the next few months I am going to be. If you hate a book I pick, or really have one you want us all to read, then by all means,  speak up!

4: Our book for March is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson. This was on our original list and they are making an English language version of the film–fyi. It is also supposed to be a great book.

5: We would like to read a different genre each month. Feb: Historical fiction/literature; March: Mystery/Suspense; April: Children’s Lit; May: Non-fiction/current events; June: Science Fiction; July: Graphic Novels, and the rest to be determined.

Whew, being a dictator is hard!


Super Mon


Comments on: "Books 4 Hotties Is Getting Whipped Into Shape. Whip It, Real Good!" (6)

  1. Whip it! (I loved the movie). See my wee posting about it from pre-theatrical release days. Also included, my meager attempts to create roller girl names.

    I’ll be dibs-ing Jane Accost’em (since this is a book club).

  2. I should be allowed to join and call-in on speakerphone to these things!!

  3. We should skype you, Michelle! I don’t have a web cam, but they can’t be that expensive! You can represent Pitts!

  4. So I have a couple of suggestions for the upcoming months:

    March – (Suspense) Fragment: A Novel – Warren Fahy – I am getting a very Jurassic Park-y vibe from this book. Could be a good read.

    April – (Childrens Lit) Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Lightning Thief – I’ve been curious about this series and think it would be a good pick for this genre.

    Thoughts? 🙂

  5. Forgot one…

    June – (Science Fiction) – Pulse – Jeremy Robinson – It sounds like an Action/Adventure tale where Greek Mythology meets Mad Science.

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