Because reading is hot.

Happy New Year Hotties,

We cannot let the arctic air and temperatures dampen our spirits!  Some of us have been hibernating a bit. Well, some of us are cavorting in Peru, but the rest of us are staggering through the sub-zero temps of Minnesota and Wisconsin, hoping to find a good book, and a guy with a decent mustache, to keep us warm (OK, well, I might be the only one on a quest for a decent mustache, but play along, won’t you?)!! And, we have a meeting AT THE MUSEUM to look forward to.

Minneapolis Institute of Art. January 16 at 1pm. Let’s meet at the D’Amico cafe on the ground floor.  Please check your email for a detailed reminder. Then, I suggest we meander around a bit, and head over to Eat Street and grab some grub, or drinks, or both! Now, before you freak out and start emailing me about how you haven’t read a book on art, it’s OKAY.  We can talk about what we have read, regardless of whether it meets our art criteria. Also, don’t forget: We’re reading Michael Chabon’s Maps & Legends this month. (Don’t worry, I don’t plan on ditching this the way I ditched Another Bullshit Night).

If someone wants to host the Feb gathering to discuss Chabon, let me know. Food, books, puppies, friends…. it’s all good.

Stay warm! We hope to see you all at the museum!


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