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Some Hotties cannot make the January 10 at the museum extravaganza, so please email books4hottiesatgmaildotcom and tell us when you can make it to the museum in Jan. The first weekend in Jan. is out for me. Also, we want to hear what you’re reading! More reviews, more comments. We hit 2000 views, but our commentary is lacking.

Some of us are turning FORTYOMGHOWCOULDTHISHAPPENONEHUNDREDELEVENTY!!!!!!!11!!!1!111!!!!!!!!!!!!! this year. Some of us (Heather, Jenny, Earley) are already there. I actually don’t know the ages of all the Hotties, but I know that Steve, Kara, and yours truly, hit the FOUR OH between May and August of 2010. Honorary Hottie, Uncle Carlos, is sublimely in his 4th decade already, and junior Hotties Andria and Rosie aren’t even close to 30 yet (Pfft).

In preparation of my own Universe-altering event I have decided to read 40 Books in 2010™, beginning January 2010. It’s kind of a Super Mon resolution that is really a revolution evolving into a revelation as I hope 40 books will help me kick ass and become more learned along the way.

1) 40books  shouldn’t be hard. I am guessing that’s around my average for a year anyway, but I just don’t know as I’ve never really kept track;  2) I was hoping to look backward at what I’ve read in 2009 for my WHAT I’VE READ IN 2009™ list and realized that I didn’t actually keep track, and keeping track as I go is never a bad thing, I guess, but now in order to make the WHAT I’VE READ IN 2009™ list, I have to think about it (Thank Maude for Good Reads™ –as I have been using it to record what I’ve read and what I want to read); and 3) the thing that could throw me off is making the list of 40 books now, and then giving up on some books (as I am wont to do) later, in favor of some other book that sounds good that I didn’t know about before, etc, or just wanting to read articles in Bitch magazine for the month of June or something. I mean, I am not exactly a paragon of discipline. And, the best thing about being39butturning40reallysoon is that I know myself OH SO MUCH BETTER. So, I will be cutting myself some slack in the you must read 3.5 books per month department. I’ll probably feel the need to cram 10 in in December 2010 as I am a procrastinator of the first order.

Anyway, doing this was inspired in part by  Nick Hornby and his Polysyllabic Spree (2004) series he did for Believer Magazine and my love of THE LIST.  I  started reading this series with his middle book Housekeeping vs. the Dirt (2006) (which is my FAVORITE TITLE!!!! and that’s why I picked it first). The third in the series  is Shakespeare Wrote for Money (2008), which is on my To read list, but might not be included in my 40 Books in 2010™ list… Housekeeping Vs. The Dirt is funny, and does what it intends to–makes you want to read more. It’s not full of criticism. In fact, it’s anti-critical in a way as Believer Magazine wants to promote good books and doesn’t care so much about the bad ones.

Here’s a link to Hornby’s Top-40 Books of all time.

I think that is good practice. There are enough reviews talking trash. I want to know about books you loved and why.

Anyway, I decided to do my list of 40 Books in 2010™ one month at a time. (Also I read about 6 children’s books per day, but I don’t think I can count those)

January 2010

The Lacuna (2009)by Barbra Kingsolver (technically I have already started reading this, but I am only on page 2 as The Kid and his birthday and his homework and his Christmas tree needs have interfered with my reading it over the last 2 weeks– and since we have BIG plans the last 2 weeks of December, I doubt I will get to it much)

Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands (2008) by Michael Chabon (the much anticipated 5th book for the Books 4 Hotties January selection)

La’s Orchestra Saves the World (2008) by Alexander McCall Smith (I have recently discovered Alexander McCall Smith, and this book looks fabulous– NOTE TO HUSBAND-BUY THIS FOR ME FOR SOME UPCOMING HOLIDAYNESS)

Expect a full report on these books and tell us what you’re reading– and tell us what you want to read for BOOK CLUB 4 HOTTIES!


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