Because reading is hot.

Hot Shots! Books 4 Hotties is melting the ice! We are approaching 2000 views (and the admins aren’t counted in that)! YAY! There are lots hotties who like books out there. Listen! Books 4 Hotties is recruiting! We have at least 10 members who have never actually been to a book club meeting! So, that means we need more hot stuffs like YOU! If you live in the general Minneapolis area and are interested in meeting once a month, email books4hotties@gmail. com. We’re open to anything as long as you read, show up, and bring something fabulous to eat. That being said, if you join our little book club, you’re in for discussions on books, movies, dogs, cats, kids, TV shows, food, art, music, and whatever else. It’s really food, book, movie, and talking club 4 Hotties! You’re not going to get rich in our club, but you will meet a lot of amazing people, eat a lot at least once a month, maybe widen your interests, and be forever designated a HOTTIE.

In other news: please read Kara’s review under Hotties in Review. If you have a book review, you’d like to submit, send it to the address up there. We really want your opinion on books too!

A Year in Reading Coming Next!


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