Because reading is hot.

Hello Hot Tamales!

Let me just tell you, our meeting was HOT! And, this SOUP (It is Ajiaco, a Colombian dish of )was AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS, plus a The Tart, which was also amazingly delicious, plus Irene’s mom’s dish of yumminess (Amaz. Delish)  in which I can’t remember the name, plus THE FUDGE, plus THE DIP, and some wine set a new standard for Book Club For Hotties pot luck! We were so full we could barely talk about it the book none of us read. Well, some of us are attempting to read it. We had a guest Hottie, Uncle Carlos, who gave us all kinds of great ideas about how a book club should operate (mostly how we’re not doing it). So, for Maps & Legends, we will have…. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS!!!! YAY!!!! Uncle Carlos, and Irene’s dog, Murray (the cutest dog, EVAR) are now honorary HOTTIES for life. Also, Steve, our first dude hottie was there, and let me tell you, he’s a smokin’ hot reader and consumer of all things we like in the Book Club 4 Hotties.

In other news: we missed you hotties who couldn’t be there! And, we’re looking forward to our museum visit. We are tentatively planning on Sunday, Jan. 10 for our next meeting at the Institute of Art. Can y’all let me know if that is doable for you?You know what to do. It would probably be around 1ish, since the museum doesn’t open till noon on Sundays, and then we might grab some food afterward on Eat Street!

Next Up, Hottie Kara Falkenthal O’Connell has submitted a Review. Look for it on the next update. I have to figure out some logistics for reviews, but I’m on it, so don’t worry your hot selves. Here’s some pictures of our amazing potluck!

We Wait to Dig In! You can sense the tension. WE WANT TO EAT!

The Tart by AMY!

The Tart, In Progress

Andria, Uncle Carlos, and Rosie bring the family to Book Club


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  1. This blog makes me hungry!

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