Because reading is hot.

You all know how I am about lists, right? I love them. I’m not talking about your grocery list, Hot Dogs. I am talking about your year-end favorites, your best of the besties.  What you loved in 2009, or what you can’t wait to love in 2010.

I am starting a little project: It’s called A Year in Reading/Eating/Movie-Going/Socializing/Blogging–Hotties Style.

Inspired in part by Hot Stuff Jenny’s, dare I say, “Bucket List” of what she wanted to read by the time she turned 40, and The Ladies Who Lunch’s idea that Book Club 4 Hotties should evolve some more to become The Hotties, Hot, Hot Social and Reading Club.

Aaaannnnddd, knowing all the hotties as I do, I’m pretty sure they all love to make the lists too. So, in the spirit of Ho Ho Hotties, make a list of your 10 favorite books/movies/social events/children for 2009 or what you want Santa to bring for 2010 and tell us ALL about it. I know you’re all chomping at the bit to write book reviews, obviously, because I’ve already received 10 or 15 of them! Kidding! But, I know you can make a list, and share it in the spirit of Hotties who Read everywhere!


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