Because reading is hot.


OK, there are more links to check out at the bottom of ye olde bloggeth. And, the Future Ideas page as, erm, evolved, into the Evolution of the Hotties page. Check it out. Comment frequently.

I just wanted to alert you readers to 2 things–

1) We’re having book club on December 5 at Irene’s. I sent a map out to people. Please bring some food to share. We want you there, so come on over.

2) I discovered a new link that is currently changing my life:

I added it to the blog roll, but I don’t know if it’s too much work, yet. It might just be what Good Reads does, I don’t know. But I got kind of excited just looking at it.

Book Porn.

OH p.s. NY Times has their 100 notable books of 2009 out.


Comments on: "Sizzle!!!" (1)

  1. Forget the books, I want the eggs and bacon stat!

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