Because reading is hot.

Some Like It Hot!

Hello Hot Pockets,

We have some serious business to attend to:

1) Irene is hosting the December 5 potluck in which some of will talk about our experience with Nick Flynn and others of us will stuff our faces. Please RSVP to the Books4hotties email. Please bring a dish to share. Please organize your carpool situation, and please come!

2) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, pretty please, write a review of some book that you love. It doesn’t have to be long. In fact, it shouldn’t be too long as we web readers have short attention spans.

3) Also, I haven’t gotten to our Happenings About Town page. Or a revision of the Future Ideas page.  Does someone want to take this over? Should we ditch it? I want to make our website better and functional. I would also love to pull in some links and resources from other reviews, etc., but I don’t have all the time in the world to blog and blog and blog. If you do this, it would mean you’re forever in my heart, with gratitude and enduring love.

4) Tomorrow is December 1. Pick your art book Now! Mine is Rescuing Da Vinci by Robert Edsel about the recovery of art stolen and looted by the Nazi’s in WWII. That Hitler, he was a no good thief and a bad artist.

5) Tomorrow, December 1, is also Hot Stuff Jenny McRob’s, BIG BIRTHDAY. Jenny has been reading all the books, but due to her very demanding job, has not been able to attend the meetings until this upcoming meeting. So, yay, we’re happy to see you in person and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comments on: "Some Like It Hot!" (3)

  1. sorry we can’t come…because here in sconny it is muzzle loading season…and our babysitter(the kids’ dad) is out in the woods shooting poor woodland creatures…we can’t wait to meet everyone…and if in fact grandma should volunteer her services yet again…we will hitch a ride with jenny mac and see you…but for now…kara and billy are grounded….


  2. I’m workin’ on spinning my Tim Burton book (his exhibit at MoMa just opened!) or a biography on Diane Arbus for December. Go art!

    I’m really going to try to make it on Saturday, even though I’ve basically only read magazines. That said, I am more than ready to discuss the validity of the contents of People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue.

  3. Super Mon said:

    Kara, NOOOOOO! We will make it work! If we hire my responsible teenage niece to babysit can they come and hang out with The Kid at our house for a couple of hours?!

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