Because reading is hot.

Hello Hottentots,

Well, it’s been confirmed that those of us who want to abandon Nick Flynn and his poor, homeless father are going to do so, and those of us to want to give it shot and see how they end up, are, well…going to. We are meeting on Dec. 5 at Irene’s house at NOON O’Clock for lunch. Irene has sent her info via other channels! My mom just called me today to remind me to give me back her pans so she can make fudge, some with nuts, some without. Everything is in order. I am going to post some happenings about town later in the weekend and I will also add to our blogroll so we have book links to link to. Soon, our plan to take over the world via books will be complete. Mwhahahah! Also, email the replacement book title that you want to talk about on the 5th!

We are all looking forward to hanging out and going to the museum in January. It would be excellent if you would email with the dates you are available in Jan for our museum visit and with the book you’re picking. Remember, the lovely Amy will be traveling the globe until Jan. 8, so we have to meet sometime after that.

Sadly, most of us are only open to meet on the weekends, which leaves those weekend workers out of the mix sometimes. If we pick the day well in advance, do you think that would help? Also, December tends to go very quickly so pick your book now!!

Bundle up Hott Stuffs!


Comments on: "Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Who Needs Some Hotties to Warm them Up?" (2)

  1. stevencarlyle said:

    We don’t need Nick Flynn, I’ll just tell you about my family and growing up in Frogtown. I have lots of scandalous tidbits to keep the hotties entertained for a long time. Not bragging about having the ultimate dysfunctional family, or anything, but it is what it is.

  2. I like the book so far, but Steve’s stories are far more entertaining. It’s true.

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