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Hello, Mr. Fox

The Fantastic Mr. FoxI don’t know about you all, but I am dying to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox, the movie by Wes Anderson, based on the book by Roald Dahl. I love both Roald Dahl and Wes Anderson, plus stop-motion animation, so I don’t see how this could go wrong. Also, it’s stars George Clooney as Mr. Fox, and Meryl Streep as Mrs. Fox, so Hello Foxes!  I am going to go and get the book (ha ha, see how I am) and read it to The Kid!

In other news: we had a mini book club reading and discussion of The Strain last night at Andria and Rosie’s pad. And, here’s how it went down.


1) they have a smokin’ pad and their dog is A.DOR.ABLE (even though he hates everyone);

2) Andria made her famous balls out of red velvet, and they were A.MAZ.ING!;

3) As far as The Strain goes, we were about 50/50 on who wants to keep reading the series and who is done with the non-sexy vampires, the white goo, the fork tongue sucker, the ho-worker, Nora, and THE MASTER;

4) Our December meeting is at Irene’s in South Minneapolis on Dec. 5, probably in the afternoon. We hope you can make it! We will be discussing Nick Flynn’s Another Bullshit Night in Suck City: A Memoir— so get reading!!!!! (we will send her addy and info through the books4 hotties gmai–watch for it!!);

5) We need to plan our Museum visit and Amy has asked that we DON’T do it between Dec. 25 and Jan. 8 as she will be in Peru. So, please email your preferred Saturday or Sunday dates;

6) Andria wants to start a film club! Yay!!;

7) We are going to be adding a blog roll/links section —so send in your favorite links;

8) Hotties send in a book review in the next two weeks and we will post it!;

9) Someone PLEASE volunteer to be our arts/events around town gatherer of info (Andria and I could do it, but COME ON–so can you!);

10) Don’t forget we’re reading Maps & Legends for January;

11) Amy suggested we think about choosing books from various genres ahead of time. This is a good idea, but it might mean we have to change our fiction/non-fiction rule. I also think to would be great to do some themes/exploration of genres like we’re doing with the museum. Like a Roald Dahl and/or children’s book month, a graphic novel month, or a (gasp!) SCI-FI month (I don’t love sci-fi, but I have read some Sci-Fi books that I like (such as Snow Crash), and I have narrowed it down to this: I like really solid character development,  so if the fantasy stuff is more in the background and the characters are well-developed, I’m in. But, if we’re all about how The Planet XJ4688-2## and its position in the inter-galactic war against the hippo-aliens, I’m probably out. It’s my limitation and I own it. I’m just not smart enough to get it. Steve recommends I start with Philip K. Dick, but I am dubious. At any rate, if there is a genre or a sub-genre that you recommend or are dying to see us tackle– you know what to do–send it in to I also confess that I can be open-minded if I need to be, despite everyone’s assertion that I am stubborn. So, maybe I haven’t read THE RIGHT Sci-Fi is all.



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  1. i will let y’allz know about some events and goings on. How this for starters? Icons for the Bereaved: traditions and artifacts of mourning at Hennepin History Museum. Morbid? Maybe. Fascinating? Indeed. I have some photos of dead babies from the early 1900s and I’m fascinated by this. Think I am creepy if you must.

    Also, same museum, less creepy: Downtown: a photographic memoir. Only runs through December 20, however.

    More info:

  2. Oh, and I’m totally into the Fox.

  3. Amy, I am also fascinated by photos of the dead! And funerary photos too. And, the culture’s need for them. I will go and see this. Thanks!

  4. Foxxxy! I’m into it. Once I flesh out film club ideas, I’ll let y’alls know. In the meantime we could do something like “Book vs. Movie” and try to watch and read something.

    If we decide to genre-twist our way to children’s lit I would love to do a film adaptation tie in. For example, LET’S DO ALICE IN WONDERLAND & SEE THE TIM BURTON FILM THIS JAN!

    Fiction/NonFiction, be damned! Rules are made to be broken! If December is our “free” month, I’d totally read Maps & Legends and still go to the museum if it meant a Lewis Carroll/Burton mash up in Jan. Who’s in?! I mean the hardcover artwork for Maps & Legends should count as art, right?

    Note: I will totally do this on my own either way.

    In other news…you said ‘Dick!’ Ha!

  5. You clearly want to read Maps & Legends! December is our free month to pick books ABOUT art, somewhat related to the museum! I am sure you can find a creative way to make Maps & Legends fit into that category, but you might be missing out on some gorgeous visual art if you don’t do a book on art. But, since I am pretty sure you’re going rogue on us, you should do a review of it either way! I am very much into seeing Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in January (is that when it comes out?).

  6. Boo…they’ve changed the release date to March 5, 2010. So maybe we can just plan ahead for March. Or read the book in Feb, and see the movie before the discussion of the book.

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