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Hot Books for Hotties

Kuntschau Wein

Oh, Hello Hotties! This lovely image is a print in the MIA’s permanent Prints and Drawings collection called Kunstschau Wien by Berthold Löffler and Albert Berger of Austria. Please do visit their awesome website; it’s rich with information! Steve and I became members which is only $6.25 a month or $75 per year. That won’t even buy you one lunch per week, but it will get you and your fam. into a lot of the museum.

While you have been doing other things I have been researching books for our December reading, aka Hotties at the Museum. Do you know how many artists there are at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and how many books about or by those artists there are? A whole lotty lot, is what. Anyway, I have barely skimmed the surface of books about or by artists, but here are some that sound good to me. Remember, we’re picking our own books, and if you’re so inclined,write a review of your book and it will be posted HERE, at Books 4 Hotties. Yay! Also, I quickly departed from just artists that are at the museum because of the VAST amount of books available, but I’m not done looking yet.

We would like to plan the November meeting for December 5, but I don’t know where yet. If someone wants to host that would be great, or we can meet  somewhere like the ill-fated Hell’s Kitchen. Please send in your suggestions ASAP!

My little list is as follows:

Julia Margaret Cameron: The Complete Photographs
by Julian Cox

Between Street and Mirror: The Drawings of James Ensor

by James Ensor, N. Y.) Drawing Center (New York, M. Catherine de Zegher

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
by James Agee, Walker Evans (Photographer)

Modern Primitives (Re/Search)

by V. Vale

Chuck Close: A Couple of Ways of Doing Something
by Chuck Close

Alice Neel

by Patricia Hills

Kara Walker: My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love

by Philippe Vergne, Thomas McEvilley

Ways of Seeing
by John Berger

On Photography (Penguin Modern Classics)
by Susan Sontag

The Fellowship: The Untold Story of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship
by Roger Friedland

Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph
by Diane Arbus

Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration with Nature
by Andy Goldsworthy

Sandy’s Circus: A Story About Alexander Calder
by Tanya Lee Stone

by Donald B. Kuspit


Comments on: "Hot Books for Hotties" (5)

  1. I will volunteer Dec. 5 if you like. (Are we still meeting this Saturday too?)

    Also, I LOVE the Dec. book idea! One of my favorite things to collect are art books from all the different museums I have visited. I have so many, and haven’t read any of them. Sad I know. I LOVE looking at the photos, but have never bothered to really read one. Funny because I was an Art History major in college. I brought back a Chihuly book when he opened at the fab. Milwaukee Art Museum a few years back. I may just read that because he’s pieces are some of my favorite at the MIA.

  2. Thanks Irene, that’s great! We would love to come over on December 5! We are meeting this Saturday at my house. Potluck, 4 pm and on. BYOB. There will be more peops, including some non-book club peoples and children, so expect chaos! Plus, my dog will be begging for food the whole time as per usual.

  3. Oh, I am probably going with the Frank Lloyd Wright story because it’s so fascinating and I love his architecture. Also, we have A LOT of art books, if anyone wants ideas just email Steve at



  4. Great. That kind of chaos is great. Any idea what everyone is bringing? Or, do you know what you’re missing and I’ll bring that?

  5. Bring your famous guacamole and chips and something to drink! I am making or buying some pizzas and buying some beer and diet coke. Very low key!

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