Because reading is hot.

We Have A Winner!



It’s 6  to 5 for Another Bullshit Night in Suck City: A Memoir by Nick Flynn for November. “A stunningly beautiful new memoir; a near-perfect work of literature.” Stephen Elliot, San Francisco Chronicle

And, Maps and Legends by Michael Chabon for January. A few hotties haven’t weighed in, but we cannot wait forever!  Go out and buy both but read Bullshit for November. Done and done.

Also, I would like to welcome Earley as our second male hottie. Earley is Kara’s Hottie House Husband (HHH)and has decided to join our cause.  You can meet both of them at the Nov. 14th potluck.  You will also meet Miss Jody and Miss Rosie. Including Steve, we have 4 new hotties in our midst! Hot!


Comments on: "We Have A Winner!" (7)

  1. jenny mcnamara-robinson said:

    Welcome, Earley. and thank goodness I voted for Bullshit. 😉 You all know I will not be attending (once again). Damn retail-
    I will give my update on ‘the strain’ before the 14th. See (and meet)all you hotties and HHH’s soon!

  2. To Borders, I shall go.

  3. Super Mon said:

    Well, Jenny I am counting on you being there December 5, right? So, you will be able to discuss Another BS Night…Tell us some other dates you might be around so we can try an plan accordingly!

  4. hurray!

  5. Heather Bruesehoff said:

    Time to go book shopping! 🙂

  6. I’m reading Shakespeare Wrote for Money while on vacay. I highly recommend it even though it wasn’t close to winning!

  7. Super Mon said:

    J1- I am about to read Houskeeping vs. The Dirt by Hornby, after I get done with Manhood for Amatuers by Michael Chabon. It’s a reading extravaganza!

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