Because reading is hot.


Hello, Hotties! It’s awesome that everyone wants to go to the Museum for our December Book! But, we need to make up our minds about our November Book first. We’re kind of in a dead heat between Maps and Legends by Michael Chabon and Another Bullshit Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn. Only 5 of us have voted for the one we would like to read this month. Andria proposed that we hold the second place title over for January which I think is a grand idea. That way we don’t have to go through this all over again (although it is kind of fun!). Once we decide what book we’re reading for November I will post more information about Hotties At The Museum after we choose the NOVEMBER BOOK (credit for this brilliant museum idea goes to Kara who has yet to join us in person, but will be at the Nov. 14th potluck so you can praise her up and down then. Plus, I have it on good authority that she has some new tattoo art on her arm, so she’s fun to look at too!)


We will choose the book today because we all need to get reading! So please, for those of you who haven’t done it–tell us, without delay, which book you pick. I ordered them both from Amazon (for CHEAP!) so I will be prepared.

Here’s our Month by Month Plan To February, if you all agree:

November Book: CHOOSE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov. 14th, Potluck at My House–may or may not discuss The Strain

November Book Discussion–Location: to be determined. Date: December 5th? (Can everyone do that day? This will get us back on track?)

December Book: PICK YOUR OWN book on an artist or work of art, associated with the works at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Steve and I were talking about this and it doesn’t have to be a work of art/artist connected with the Louvre & the Masterpiece exhibit, but there are a lot of rich ideas to choose from. Please do not pick the DaVinci Code (Shudder).  I will post some suggestions for books, but we’re all reading a different book and we will most likely have a very excellent discussion around art and books which makes me clap to myself and rock back and forth a little. This would be a good time to write a review since we’re not reading the same book!

December Book Discussion– Location: Minneapolis Institute of Art, with some eating somewhere afterward. Date: TBD (the Masterpiece exhibit closes Jan. 10 so it has to be before that).

January Book: The Second Place Non-Fiction Title From The Neverending November Vote Off.

January Book Discussion: Location and Date: TBD

February Book: Fiction based on L.O.V.E. (are you down with love, Hotties?)

The Rest: To Be Determined!





Comments on: "Hotties At The Museum! But, First: WHICH BOOK FOR NOVEMBER?" (6)

  1. monica,
    can’t remember if i voted? the plan sounds great!!! can’t wait to see you next week! My HHH is keeping me busy…my vote is BULLSHIT…

  2. Earley Boy said:

    Bullshit book please…Kara cannot blame her HHH for her not following through on her committments…I think we may need an intervention–E.

  3. I am counting you in, Earley. You’re the second male hottie. Welcome to our enclave of madness. I mean books!

  4. Does this mean Bullshit wins? If so, I gotta go buy it! Already have Maps and can’t wait to read it. Can’t wait for Museum hotties–just try to make it for when I’m in town, please! (Dec. 25-Jan 7 is out.)

  5. Super Mon said:

    Bullshit wins Amy!

  6. Super Mon said:

    Amy, can we do Jan 8?

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