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It’s Too Darn Hot

Hell, aka the Fiery Abyss

Hell, aka the Fiery Abyss

Hi Hotties,

I hope you’re all psyched to come to Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday Nov. 1! I know I am! I made reservations for 10 under Book Club For Hotties (The reservationist was quite happy to hear the name of our little group)  for 6pm on Sunday. As you may have heard from the last email convo, Hell’s Kitchen has happy hour ALL DAY on Sundays. YAY!There are  8 confirmed attendees, but we’ll just leave some open seats in memorium to all the hotties who can’t be there.

Hotties in attendance will be:

Amy (who will hopefully bring her camera and take pictures of the cavorting and the eating)

Andria (who will hopefully bring some balls to share)

Elizabeth (who might bring a friend)

Irene (who is bringing herself)

Jody (who is Elizabeth’s friend)

Monica (who made the reservation)

Rosie (who is a new Hottie, and Andria’s sister)

Steve (who is the new All- MALE Hottie, and my beloved betrothed, who is not done with the book yet, ahem)

Hotties who want to come, but can’t:

Heather (who just canceled due to her interfering children)

Kara (who has to work in the ICU, as if that is a reason)

Jenny (who has to work at Target–if she’s not at Target, the economy will tank, so it’s ok)

OK!? See you then!


Comments on: "It’s Too Darn Hot" (2)

  1. Monica, you might need to pick me up/drop me off. I’m a little scared of the “all day HH.” Done.

  2. I was just at Hell’s Kitchen this week for a mystery beer and raised the glass (can) in your honor. You’re going to have a great time. Can’t wait to see pics of the hotties in hell (or at least the kitchen)!

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