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Hello Hotties,

I know everyone LOVES a mid-point review. I also know we’re all in different places so without giving anything away: HOLEE VAMPIRES, this book is SCARY!!!! I actually read until midnight last night, and I will probably be done today because I can’t put it down, even though it is giving me no undue amount of stress.

Edvard Munch's The Vampire

This is Edvard Munch’s The Vampire–(Sexiness)

Anyway, as you have probably seen in my email, I proposed we have a second The Strain meeting/discussion on November 21st for those peoples who can’t make the 1st.  BUT, I said this without realizing I have something going on that day. SO, I propose the 14th or 15th for the 2nd meeting, and I am still happy to host that one.  Please let me know if you want to do the 14th or 15th. I still intend on being at Hell’s Kitchen on the 1st.

In a total aside, but not unrelated, Amy, Andria, Irene and I had lunch (in which I discussed my hatred of sweatpants paired with Uggs) and they were game to my brilliant idea of our little group (or whoever wants to come), having Sunday night dinner parties twice a month. Kids, mates, and others included. (as a note to those of you without kids– this will probably mean a little more mayhem than you’re used to).

The DPs could be on a Saturday too. In fact, the first one COULD be Nov. 14th or 15th at the second book discussion. Basically, it’s a chance for us foodie/bookie-types to get together and make food together and eat and eat and talk some more. Partly inspired by Julia’s book and also my newly purchased book called Forking Fantastic and my love of you guys and cooking. The Dinner Parties can be casual,  with everyone contributing food, time, or cash, but it should most importantly be about getting together and making REALLY good food.

It may not always work out, but I think it would be a great to see what we could cook up! (Ha!)

Also, this may be the perfect chance to get more of Andria’s balls.

What do you say hotties!?


Comments on: "Update: Book 2 Mid-Point Review, Second Meeting on the 14th or 15th–NOT the 21st, Dinner Parties, Andria’s Balls" (6)

  1. I posted this here, because Andria’s balls need to be a regular feature of book club and because for December she is going to do blue balls and we are going to have a Blue Christmas/Hanakah/Yule/Kwanzaa/Holiday-themed books for hotties ho-down!

  2. If only I was related to Pete Schwetty. Then you could have some of my “Schwetty Balls.”

  3. I’ll eat Andria’s balls at any occasion. Done.

  4. jenny mcnamara-robinson said:

    I cannot wait to eat Andria’s balls! and Sunday night dinner parties would be a hoot! My husband would NEVER come–God forbid if he pick up an actual book let alone read one! AND he would never survive having dinner and conversation. I love him, but cannot take him out of his element. I will enjoy myself a million times over without him in this setting!!!
    I may, however, pass on the schwetty balls!!!

  5. Super Mon said:

    OMG. I am done with the book. Naturally, the next books don’t come out until 2010 & 11. Which is probably enough time for me to recover.

  6. Heather Bruesehoff said:

    Ha – I was waiting for the “Schwetty Balls” to start! They sound yummy, by the way. I’m behind my time and haven’t started the book yet – but I’m picking it up no later than tomorrow!!

    I finally made my first Julia Child recipe, “Poulet Sauté aux Herbes de Provence,” and what do my kids say?? “What’s that junk on top? Can we get out the ketchup?” Wow… I recommend it, though!

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